When You Should Opt For A Double Glass Frame

There are various types of custom framing that most people aren’t familiar with. There is one style of framing that you might have heard of. Does double glass framing sound familiar? If not, then don’t worry!! We’ll go over everything with you about double glazing frames, from the mechanics to the display features. We’re certain we’ll make you fall in love with the idea of double glazing frames. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

When people frame artworks, they sometimes request a floating service. Floating, or float mounting, is when small pieces of foam board are cut and placed strategically underneath the artwork, so there is space between the artwork and mat (serving as the background). This creates a really cool floating effect – an effect that a lot of people love! The idea is the same when getting an artwork double glass framed. The difference is that there is no mat, foam board cuts, or backing needed. This reduces your frame cost due to reduced labor and materials. All that is required is tape, if the artwork isn’t valuable, or archival tape, if the artwork is valuable. The tape is placed behind the artwork. Some artworks are double-sided, which is why some people request double glazing frames. 

The purpose of double glazing frames is to display it in a way where there is empty space between the art and frame. The empty space is what gives the artwork a floating effect. With this type of framing, you have a variety of glazing options. You can do glass (regular, non-glare, UV protection) or you can do acrylic (regular, non-glare, UV protection, UV and non-glare, and more). It depends on where you will hang your framed artwork, and how you want to preserve it. Most people will opt for UV protection glass or acrylic (used for large sizes). Typically, solid color frames are chosen for this type of framing to keep the aesthetic clean and simple, so nothing detracts from the artwork. 

Check out the image below containing three black, double glass frames. Digital artist/designer, Josh Kok, has three ‘The Punisher’ comic books that he absolutely loves, and wanted to preserve them. To display them in a way where they aren’t exposed to other materials, except for glass and archival tape (extremely removable). Also, a decent amount of empty space between the comics and frame is added to give them a full floating effect. Very appropriate framing for a collector’s comic books. Interested in double glass framing? Send us an email at

Photo provided by Josh Kok, on Instagram – @creature_odd

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