The Aesthetic of Shadow Box Framing

Artists can make artworks in a variety of styles – anywhere from drawings and paintings to sculptures and other three-dimensional artworks. There are artists who don’t create “traditional” art, but create art using different materials to create three-dimensional objects. Artists may find it difficult to figure out a way to best display their three dimensional works of art. This is where we step in to recommend you to put your artwork in a shadow box frame, but before we get to that let’s explore what a shadow box frame is. 

A shadow box frame is a frame that has way more depth. The increased depth gives you space to put three dimensional works of art in it, such as clay figurines, pop up art, origami, masks, medals, flags, and more. Shadow box frames are box-like with a glass front. They are designed to give artworks a float look, which allows you to appreciate the artwork visually. Shadow box frames are great for 3D artworks, especially when you are exhibiting them or showing them at an event. 

Artist Liv Keen understands the aesthetics of a shadow box frame. All of her artworks are sold framed. Liv paints life visuals, like nature views and scenery, and even landscapes on small seashells. She is a water colorist, and her creations are beautiful! She frames them in white shadow box frames and uses white matting so the focal point is the artwork itself. Keeping the frame and matte color simple, clean, and sleek will definitely make your artwork stand out on its own. Check out this cool sunset painting Liv painted and put in a shadow box frame. This painting is Pretty cool, right?! See more of Liv’s artworks on her Instagram account (@lkwatercolour).

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