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Jersey Framing Is A Must for Athletes

Have you ever gone to someone’s house and they had a t-shirt, jersey, or a similar apparel item tacked or pinned to the wall? We certainly have, and we just ask ourselves, WHY?! There are better ways to display sports t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, and hoodies. We’re sure most athletes take pride in their team, and want to show off how […]
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Metal Printing Is Trending!

OK, so we have this new obsession with metal prints that we must share with you – we promise it’ll be worth it! A metal print is a super cool product that helps you preserve your artworks in a more chic and sleek way. Exciting, right?! Most people would naturally think of framing when preserving their artworks. Metal printing is […]
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Acrylic Face Mounts Are Amazing!

The objective of framing a piece of art is not only to enhance its aesthetic, but to also preserve it. It’s not always easy to determine the best way to do that. We will discuss how acrylic face mounts are a viable option to preserve your artworks, how it enhances the overall look, and how easy it is to hang! […]
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