Jersey Framing Is A Must for Athletes

Have you ever gone to someone’s house and they had a t-shirt, jersey, or a similar apparel item tacked or pinned to the wall? We certainly have, and we just ask ourselves, WHY?! There are better ways to display sports t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, and hoodies. We’re sure most athletes take pride in their team, and want to show off how proud they are. Wouldn’t you?

Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and soccer jerseys are physical collections of memories. Those memories should be cherished, which is why some, if not most, athletes get their jerseys signed by their teammates, coaches, etc. As we all know apparel/fabric items are subject to damage and aging if not preserved correctly. Yikes!!! You definitely don’t want that to happen. Here’s a suggestion – frame your jersey to preserve it. You can keep it in a completely sealed frame, add on a UV glass to protect from UV rays, and still have it marvelously displayed. No worries for you!

When designing your jersey frame, you can play with a lot of different colors and textures. You can use colored or even fabric mats to bring out the team brand colors, and keep the theme consistent throughout. For example, if you had to frame a Lakers jersey, you can use purple, white, and yellow colored mats to bring them out. Another cool feature you can add to the mat is a V-groove. A V-groove is a line that is carved into the top of a mat board. It adds a formality to the overall look of the jersey frame. You can totally choose how the sleeves, if any, should be folded in a specific way. 

We found this really cool jersey frame made by a professional sports company, D1 Design Group. They framed several jerseys for Devin White during the NFL drafts last year. This is one of the jerseys they framed for Devin, and we love it! Instead of using a solid or colored mat as the background, they decided to use a collage print of Devin’s great and happy moments of accomplishments. Isn’t that fantastic??!! They even added some LED lights to make the jersey frame stand out. We’d be proud of it too, if we were the jersey owner. Check out D1 Design Group’s Instagram page @d1designllc for more cool sports jersey frames!

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