Floater Frames Are A Traditional Way To Frame Canvases

Canvas artworks are typically stretched over wooden stretcher bars (stretcher frame). Depending on the the style of stretching, they may or may not need to frame it. You can read more about our Gallery Wrap Style Stretching in our previous blog post and why it doesn’t require a frame here. Some people don’t even know what options are available to them when it comes to framing stretched canvases, which is why we’re going to change that by teaching you.

Floater frames have been a traditional way to frame stretched canvases. Stretched canvases are mounted to floater frames from the front due to a lack of lip, while canvases are mounted to regular frames from the back. Floater frames provide spacing between the frame and stretched canvas. Regular frames have a lip, which prevents the glass, artwork, and backing from falling out of the frame. Regular frames have to hug the stretched canvas, therefore, there is no spacing between the artwork and frame. This can be an issue for some people since most artists sign their masterpieces at a bottom corner, therefore, causing the regular frame to cover a small portion of the artwork and possibly the signature.

The aesthetic of floater frames are a more preferred one. Because floater frames allow spacing between it and the artwork then it makes the canvas look like it’s floating (hence the name “floater frame”). They also give your canvas a unique and tasteful look. We personally think floater frames are a cleaner, smoother, and high-end look. Floater framers are available in wider and deeper sizes to accommodate the larger canvases. Check out this cool African canvas artwork that was brought to us by a client who required canvas stretching and custom framing services for an upcoming exhibition. We went for a museum wrap style stretching and then framed in a gold floater frame to enrich the painting with gold, one of the primary colors in certain areas in Africa. It compliments the painting by making it more tribal, regal, and powerful.

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