Double Frame, No Shame

Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics – that’s what a double frame is for, right?! Not entirely. Some people have no idea about this type of framing style. Double frames are cool, and add depth and character to your overall story. Whether you are playing off the colors in the framed artwork, photo, etc. or the accent color pieces in your home. 

It isn’t always about aesthetics, although it does play a part, but it’s more about the character and adding to the story or concept. Another way of viewing it is that your artwork serves as the conceptual component of the overall aesthetic, giving the mental stimulation within the imagination. The double frame serves as the visual component, therefore, affecting the visual stimulation. So, doesn’t it make sense to use both to amplify the overall aesthetic, both story/concept and visual?! That’s what we’re trying to say – they go hand-in-hand!!! Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Double framing only works with wood frames. It can be costly if you visit framing shops in major cities and metropolitan areas. You can however choose very basic colors or neutral colored frames to save on costs. Any elaborate frames will most likely cost more due to special finishes, characteristics (washed, rustic, industrial, etc.), and craftsmanship. Take a look at this photo of a David Bowie painting that is double framed with a medium to dark brown inner frame that has white specs on it – adding depth and character. Then there is a black reflective outer frame. The inner frame caters to the color within the artwork, while the outer frame caters the galactic sheen theme within the painting. Pretty cool, right?! Check out @framingdevil on Instagram to see more phenomenal framing styles.

You might think it is too much to do double frames. We say give it a shot because you never know what will and won’t look good with your artworks, photography, and so on until you try it. Our consultants are ready to help you amp up your artworks with 100% fine art, custom framing. Visit our website for more information about our products, including different framing styles like double frames.

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