Artists vs. Racism

In today’s society, we are seeing many shifts to shake off stigmas, stereotypes, and, yes, even racism. We can’t hardly believe it ourselves. What is the world coming to?! As sensitive and painful topics are being spoke about through the streets, protests against the murder of black men, women, AND children, we are seeing more and more artitsts stand up for what is right, and not what is simply socially right and acceptable. We are so happy about this, you have no idea! They are showing their support by creating amazing and beautiful artworks. Artworks which demonstrate the violence, pain, suffering, deaths, remarks being made, lack of humanity the world possesses, and scrutiny and racism forced unto blacks. Let’s dive into the artwork of Brandy Chieco, and how her artwork is impactful. 

Brandy Chieco is a North Carolina based artist who has an emphasis on lettering, and creating visuals that focus on mental health and self-love. She has created a marvelous artwork depicting multiple skin tone types in the outline of faces. There are different shades of tan and brown to demonstrate that there are obviously various types of complexion. There is a white space on the right side of the sign. It is welcomed by big, bold, and funky letters in black that read “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Brandy’s art speaks volumes of the current situation, and what is continuing to happen even as blacks protest. Allowing others to see, feel, and interpret differently. Blacks have had enough, and so has Brandy. Are you ready to stand and support? 

It’s great how artists can and are willing to do this. Blacks can definitely be the voice, so why not have artists be the visuals?! It’s a great duo if you ask us! Effective visuals that stimulate the brain in profound ways, and still have the capacity to carry on a strong, bold, and brave message to the racists in the world. Every single day can be a struggle, but that is why art exists…to inspire, educate, stimulate, and make you feel better, right?! Well, if that is the case, then why not support Brandy Chieco and her art message to the people by purchasing her enough t-shirts on Society 6: Be sure to check it out and support her, while spreading the word! #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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