All You Need To Know About Gallery Wrap Style Stretching

Hey art lovers and artists! We understand that every artist has their go-to mediums and materials, and can sometimes find it challenging to determine the best way to display it. Most professional artists lean more toward canvas, depending on their style. There are a lot of great reasons why canvas is better. There are a variety of ways to display a canvas work of art, but we will discuss one for now: Gallery Wrap Style Stretching. Let’s see the benefits of using canvas, and why gallery wrap style stretching is one of the cooler ways to display your canvas artwork.

Canvas has been used for centuries. Originally made from hemp, but it is mostly made of linen these days. The perks of using canvas is that not only is it durable, but it is also breathable. This makes canvas a very good absorber of paints (oil or acrylic based). It’s quite flexible, therefore, making it easy to stretch. It’s also very inexpensive – you can find a pack of five 16 x 20 blank stretched canvases for as little as $11.75! When stretched properly, the canvas will be well supported and the center of the canvas won’t droop, or sink when pressure is added.

How artists stretch their artworks depends on their personal taste and how they want it displayed. One form of stretching isn’t better than the other. Gallery wrap style stretching is the stretching of a canvas over wooden stretcher bars (also known as a stretcher frame) so that the image is folded over the edges and stapled in the back. This type of display is more of a finished look and doesn’t require any framing. You will see this type of stretching in galleries, museums, etc. A really good example of a gallery wrap style stretching is a painting from artist SDA (Social Disease Art on Instagram @social_disease_art) – see below.

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