Acrylic Face Mounts Are Amazing!

The objective of framing a piece of art is not only to enhance its aesthetic, but to also preserve it. It’s not always easy to determine the best way to do that. We will discuss how acrylic face mounts are a viable option to preserve your artworks, how it enhances the overall look, and how easy it is to hang! Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. 

Acrylic face mounts are a very special product that offers a lot of protection for your artworks and photographs. The process behind an acrylic face mount requires a lot of components, but the process is easy. The process of making an acrylic face mount includes: a high-quality print; a clear adhesive, acrylic or plexiglass, and a backing (aluminum/DiBond, sintra board, etc). To create a successful acrylic face mount the adhesive is applied to the image facing side of the print and then applied acrylic or plexiglass to the face of the print. After that is completed, you apply the backing with another adhesive and adhere it to the back of the print. Once dried you can apply your hanging hardware, either french cleats, stainless posts, or a wire. 

The aesthetic of an acrylic face mount is super great! Acrylic face mounts are really good and highly recommended for photography or artworks that have a lot of details and vibrant colors. Due to the thickness of the plexiglass (available in ⅛” or ¼” thickness) it protects your artwork from sunlight, and from shattering. The way the sunlight deflects due to the glass is what illuminates your artwork – making your artwork stand out in a grand and positive way. Acrylic face mounts are designed to last 80 years before the print actually begins to fade. 

Take a look at this really cool space artwork created by artist Anthony Sleiman on Instagram @anthsleiman who then had it acrylic face mounted by Miami Photo Prints on Instagram @miamiphotoprints. It is hung beautifully with LED lighting on the back side of the acrylic face mount for enhanced spacey effect. Super cool – we really like this one!

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