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Acrylic face mounting is a process that involves applying an optically clear adhesive to the face of the print then adhering the print to the acrylic, otherwise known as plexiglass, and mounted onto an aluminum back.

This process prevents your artwork from getting damaged (scratches, dust, dirt, and aging). This is a great way to make your artwork stand out by eliminating the reflection of the artwork, giving it a sharper and more intense look.

Acrylic Face Mounting


We print up to size 43″ x 96″. We offer DiBond backing for sturdiness. Acrylic face mounts are available in 1/8″ and 1/4″ thickness. You can choose between glossy acrylic or non-glare acrylic. An NYC street photo printed on premium luster paper and face mounted onto a 6mm thick high gloss finish acrylic, which results to the light penetration and refraction of the acrylic to produce a sharp image with vibrant colors. 

Metal Printing


We print up to size 48″ x 96″. We offer different finishes: sheer matte; sheer glossy, satin, mid gloss, and high gloss. A mirrored building with grey accents printed on aluminum with a matte sheer finish and sharp corners. Equipped with 3/4″ inset frame and French cleat for ideal hanging.