OUR SERVICESCustom Framing

Cloud Gallery has over 1000+ frames to choose from for your stunning artwork. It is important for us as professionals to provide you with a variety of framing options, and superior service.

We offer a variety of framing services including custom framing, shadow box, double glass, double framing, floater framing, etc. Our sales team has extensive knowledge about frames, matting, and glass to help ensure that your artwork reaches its full potential, and can be displayed beautifully. We have professionals who have been working in the framing industry for years, so you can rely on us to handle your artwork with the best care, and receive the highest quality custom framing – satisfaction guaranteed!

Standard Custom Framing


A portrait drawing print framed with a white mat and black frame with character for a little above simple look, yet good aesthetic to ensure the frame doesn’t take away from the portrait.
Shadow Box Framing


A butterfly framed in a deep wooden frame with a gold distressed fillet and black and white wallpaper set as the background. 

Jersey Framing


A Redskins fan wanted to frame a Doug Williams jersey with three photos of Doug in action and a small plaque. This frame is a black ornate style with gold inner and outer trimming, and black mat for the background.

Multiple Mat Openings Framing


A picture frame with three mat openings showing a happy family. Framed in a standard black frame, with white matting. Each photo is evenly spaced, and perfectly aligned for the best presentation.

Double Glass Framing


A white feather preserved in an industrial wooden frame with double glass for optimal display.

Floater Framing


A famous landscape oil painting on canvas titled “Olive Trees With Yellow Sky and Sun” by dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. Placed into a natural wood floater frame to enhance the overall look. 

Diploma Framing


A sample diploma frame. Framed in a cherry wood frame with slight moulding and a black mat with silver detailing. Ready to be hung and showcased for all to see.