Pure Vision Arts

Cloud Gallery Presents Pure Vision Arts

Exhibition from 3/1/19 to 5/31/19

Cloud Gallery is proud to announce our new partnership with WNextLab and Pure Vision Arts (PVA). We have partnered with them to help raise awareness about people with autism and other developmental disabilities. We want people to understand the importance of supporting and funding projects that will help facilitate the learning and encouragement of artistic expression for those living with autism and other similar disabilities. Working with these organizations allow us to impact the art community in a positive way.

PVA is a studio based in Manhattan, New York that offers an exhibition Space for artists who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other developmental disabilities. PVA’s mission is to increase the awareness of individuals living with autism and similar disabilities, and how vital it is for them to have an art space where they can express their creative minds, while contributing to the art community.

Austic artists are truly artistic due to their ability to interpret things differently. They also create phenomenal artworks that are truly inspiring. Their creative thought processes are quite fascinating, and it is truly amazing how they transfer their creative thoughts to paper, canvases, and other mediums. We are happy to exhibit their artworks on behalf of PVA. All artworks are available for purchase. We are now accepting donations to help raise awareness. Your support and contribution will go a long way!

For more information, visit www.purevisionarts.org and www.wnextlab.com

Are you interested in any artworks? Then contact us at info@cloudgallery.nyc or (212) 619-2180